Rapallo, 1982
Singer-songwriter, author and painter

Having started as a child to play the guitar, Giua begun very early her career as a singer-songwriter.

She won various prizes, among which the Premio Festival di Castrocaro, Premio Recanati, Mantova Musica Festival.

In 2008 she is finalist at Sanremo Festival, the most prestigious music Festival in Italy, and she published her first album for Sony-Bmg, produced by beppe Quirici and Adele di Palma.

Giua collaborated with important artists, like Avion Travel, Armando Corsi - of whom she was a pupil -, Riccardo Tesi, Adriana Calcanhotto, Pippo Pollina and Fausto Mesolella. She is also spotted as a refined interpreter of Fabrizio De Andre, Bindi, Lauzi, Gaber and De Gregori. She participated to many national and international festivals and collaborated with different theatres as an author and interpreter on stage (Festival dei due mondi of Spoleto, Barnasants Festival of Barcelona, Teatro della Tosse and Teatro Stabile of Genova).

Among the main collaboration to studio music projects: ITALIAN CAFÈ (Putumayo World Music 2005); IL DIVERSO SEI TU, anthology of music by F. De André, directed and produced by Gnu Quartet; CAPO VERDE TERRA D’AMORE vol.1, an album dedicated to Cesaria Evora (Sony-Bmg 2009); LA LEVA CANTAUTORALE DEGLI ANNI ZERO, anthology produced by Tenco Prize (Ala Bianca-Warner 2010); MADREPERLA, album of Riccardo Tesi (Materiali Sonori 2011).

In January 2012 Giua releases TrE, her second album, in collaboration with guitarist Armando Corsi, a double cd distributed by Egea music, with important guests: Jaques Morelenbaum, Oscar Prudente, Riccardo Tesi, Mario Arcari.

The live performance of TrE has been hosted by prestigious music festivals (Itinerari Folk di Trento, Etnomusic di Pescara, Auditorium Parco della musica di Roma).

In 2013 Gallucci Editor publishes GIROTONDO DI ELEFANTI, a musical book in which Giua, together with the popular band “Banda Osiris”, sings a nursery rhyme written by poet Pier Mario Giovannone and illustrated by Sophie Fatus. In 2014 Giua is among the founders of the Coro Popolare della Maddalena, a popular multiethnic chorus made of people living in the Maddalena, a neighborhood of the historic center in Genova. This project, supported by the Mayer of Genova, Patto della Maddalena, the Company San Paolo and Tavola Valdese, has been very successful.

In 2015 Giua starts collaborating as an interpreter and musician with the “Teatro dell’Archivolto” for the show “Quello che non ho” with Neri Marcoré: the tour visited the most renewed Italian theatres and will start again in January 2017.

Alongside her musical career, Giua develops a personal research in visual arts.

Since 2005 she has been participating to personal and collective exhibitions, curated by the Archivio internazionale d’arte contemporanea “Ellequadrodocumenti” in the format ARTOUR-O il MUST and MISA, thought for and produced by architect Tiziana Leopizzi.

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