Malika Ayane

Malika Ayane was born in Milan in 1984. She began her musical education at Milan’s “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatorio and in the children’s choir of the famed Alla Scala Theatre  

In 2008 the singer started working on her first recording project, the self-titled Malika Ayane. The album, produced by Ferdinando Arnò, combined the talents of renowned artists such as Pacifico, Giuliano Sangiorgi and Paolo Conte. Its debut single Feeling Better was among Italy’s most played radio hits for over 4 months, and proved to be a critical and commercial success.

The following year Malika competed in the Sanremo Festival with Come Foglie, written by Giuliano Sangiorgi, which earned her a Radio and TV award. In 2010 the singer had a starring role in Paolo Virzi’s “La prima cosa bella” and recorded a cover version of the eponymous Italian ballad.
That same year saw the release of Grovigli, Malika’s second studio album, which included a number of high-profile contributions such as the previously unreleased duet Little Brown Bear, featuring Paolo Conte, Hello!, sung with Cesare Cremonini, and Believe In Love, produced by Ferdinando Arnò. For her second appearance at the Sanremo festival, Malika performed Ricomincio Da Qui, co-written by Pacifico. The song was the recipient of the Mia Martini Critics’ Award; Malika’s exclusion from the festival’s top winners, however, was contested by the Festival’s musicians, who tore up their score sheets in protest creating an unforgettable moment in the festival’s history.
In June 2010, Malika started her “Grovigli tour”, playing over forty dates all around Europe, from Milan to Rome, Berlin and Paris.

In September of the same year the singer released Ricreazione, her third studio album and her first as a producer; it included collaborations with Paolo Conte, Pacifico, Tricarico, Boosta, The Niro and Paolo Buonvino. Malika’s new single Tre Cose, released over the summer, enjoyed a phenomenal success and spent several weeks at the top of radio charts.

The singer was back in Sanremo for the 63rd Italian Song Festival, competing with two new songs: Niente and E Se Poi were written by Giuliano Sangiorgi and produced and arranged by Malika herself. In the summer of 2013 Ricreazione was among the winners at the Wind Music Awards, where Malika performed a cover of Riccardo Del Turco’s Cosa Hai Messo Nel Caffè, which went on to become a summer hit.

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2016Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu

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2008Malika Ayane

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