Angelo Trabace

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Angelo Trabace (1986) is a pianist and composer from Irsina, Basilicata.

He graduated in 2006 in piano at the “E.R.Duni” Conservatory of Matera and later began working as an author, arranger and keyboard player collaborating with various Italian songwriters including Dimartino, Vasco Brondi, Baustelle, Brunori Sas, Dente, Arisa. In 2016 he wrote and performed “Io non so più chi suono – crisi d’identità al Pianobar” which blends classical music, monologues and pieces in an exhilarating happening.

In recent years he has devoted himself almost exclusively to composition, writing scores for short films and collaborating to the music of Francesco Bianconi’s first solo album, “Forever” (produced by Amedeo Pace from Blonde Redhead) which also features the Balanescu Quartet, Rufus Wainwright, Eleanor Friedberger, Kazu Makino and Hindi Zahra.

On the occasion of the centenary of Federico Fellini’s birth, he paid homage to the great director through the music written by Nino Rota for his films, in a personal piano reinterpretation during a streaming premiere of the “Pianocity” Milan festival.

Again with Francesco Bianconi in 2020 he reinterpreted eight covers for voice and piano, performed during the eight episodes of the web format “Storie inventate” (previewed on the Rolling Stone website).

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