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Bias, aka Nicolas Biasin, is a composer and producer from Vicenza born in 1999. Passionate about electronic and experimental music from a very young age, he took his first steps in music as a club DJ and soon devoted himself to production and studio activity.
He joined Sugar Music Publishing in May 2020. Since then he has been working with many artists, being particularly close with Madame and sangiovanni.
His artistic relationship with Madame officially began in 2020 with the single “Sentimi”, followed by “Clito” and many tracks included in her self-titled debut album: “Bamboline Boliviane”, “Il mio amico” feat. Fabri Fibra, produced together with DRD and certified platinum, “Nuda” feat. Ernia and “Mood” feat. Villabanks. Their latest single together is “TU MI HAI CAPITO” feat. Sfera Ebbasta, co-produced with Charlie Charles.
With sangiovanni, even before he took part in the TV show “Amici”, Bias worked on the singles “parano!a” and “non +”, up to his first self-titled EP “sangiovanni”.
Bias’ other collaborations include Nicol’s “Pupille” and gIANMARIA’s “Mamma scusa”, both released in 2021.

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