Francesco Taskayali

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Francesco Taskayali (1991) is an Italian-Turkish composer and pianist on the Sugar Music Publishing roster. Born in Rome, he began composing piano music at the age of 13. As a Mediterranean soul and cosmopolitan heart, Francesco possesses an extraordinarily eclectic talent, capable of grafting modern and contemporary styles into classical study. His life is all about travelling, music and intimacy, he is a a child of a culture that straddles the West and the Middle East. Since 2010 he has released several successful albums, accompanied by extensive tours in Italy and around the world: Emre (2010), LeVent (2011), Flying (2014), Wayfaring (2017) and Homecoming (2019). In addition to his studio albums, Taskayali has signed the soundtracks for historical and current affairs documentaries and commercials aired on national and international networks, such as RAI and France 3.

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