Iacopo Sinigaglia (BRAIL)

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Born in 1990, Iacopo Sinigaglia is a composer, producer and sound designer. He studied “Fonia e Music Technology” [voice and music technology] at the Saint Louis College of Music, Rome, and was awarded a diploma in “Musica Elettronica” [electronic music] and “Composizione Audiovisiva” [audiovisual composition] by the Conservatorio Licinio Refice [music academy] in Frosinone (central Italy). Some of his works have been selected and projected at very prestigious international festivals, such as the Academy Award ceremonies, the Venice Film Festival, the David di Donatello award ceremonies, the International Computer Music Conference and the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival. His works as producer and sound engineer include “Sottopelle”, the début album of the Libra band,  “Zama”, the début album of the Mòn band, “Scudetto”, the début album of the singer-songwriter Marco Galeffi and “Ex-Voto”, the first album of the singer-songwriter “Aiello”. Sinigaglia is currently involved in the pre-production of the new album of Alessandro Mannarino, a singer and songwriter from Rome.

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