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IRBIS37, stage name of Martino Consigli (Milan, 19 October 1997), is an Italian songwriter, rapper and producer.

Son of jazz guitarist Manuel Consigli, he started playing the guitar and writing his first songs when he was a child. During middle school he came into contact with rap and in the following years he started working with Logos.Lux and dNoise, who would have soon become his producers.

The single Calimero (2017) is his official debut, followed by Boccadoro EP (2018). In 2018 he joined the Undamento roster, for which he released his second EP Schicchere (2019) and the first official album Un altro cielo (2020), a great critical success.

At the end of 2020 IRBIS37 entered the roster of Sugar Music Publishing (co-publishing with Undamento), together with Logos.Lux and dNoise. 2021 is the year of his new project, anticipated by the single In Verticale, released in January.

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