Leo Pari

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Leonardo Pari, known as Leo Pari (born in Rome in 1978), is an Italian singer-songwriter, musician and record producer. His first two albums (“LP” and “Lettera al futuro”) were followed in 2011 by “Rèsina”, the first chapter in a trilogy that has “Sirèna” as second chapter and ends with the album “Spazio”. In 2018 he released the album “Hotel Califano”. Over the years, the artist has performed in Italian indie music clubs and in a number of events, including many Italian and international festivals. In february 2020 he released the single “Matrioska”, followed by the latest “Dobermann” released in march.

At the same time, Leo Pari continued his career as songwriter and musician, working with various artists, such as Thegiornalisti (he has toured with the band since 2016), Simone Cristicchi (for whom he wrote the lyrics of “Vorrei cantare come Biagio” and “La prima volta che sono morto in gara”, Sanremo Music Festival 2013), Roberto Angelini, Tommaso Paradiso, Roy Paci,Tommaso Colliva, Niccolò Fabi and Gazzelle.


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