Lucio Corsi

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Lucio Corsi is a 23-year-old singer and songwriter from Val di Campo di Vetulonia, Tuscany (central Italy). In 2012 he defeated Mathematics and, after a number of experiences with local groups and just as many expeditions exploring Etruscan tombs, he moved to Milan. In this sprawling city he established a musical duet and started playing in the street and in clubs. With a good dose of watermelons, dinosaurs, butterflies and cigarettes in his head, he decided to start a career as a solo singer, coming up with songs in Italian. So far he has released two CDs, “Altalena Boy/Vetulonia Dakar” (produced by Federico Dragogna and containing pieces from his first two EP) and “Bestiario Musicale”.  Between March and April 2017, Lucio toured with the Baustelle band as opening act in their theatre concerts. The single “Cosa faremo da grandi?” was released in October 2019.  He started the new year by releasing his latest single “Freccia Bianca” on 6th January 2020, before the new album “Cosa faremo da grandi?”.

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