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Born in Vicenza in 2002, after her début with “Anna”, Madame came to the fore with her album “Sciccherie” and its original style, with tones that switch from sweetness to strength, lyrics with an eye on assonance and metaphors and words that are pronounced with ever changing accents. Madame’s versatility can be fully appreciated in “17”, which is a clear statement of an awareness that is unusual for a girl her age. Her latest single, “La Promessa dell’anno”, tells of the feelings of a 17-year-old girl who meets the expectations of her artistic career by dispelling her fears in the simplest and most direct manner. On February 28th 2020 Baby, the artist’s latest single produced by Crookers & Nic Sarno, is released. Baby is the natural continuation of the song “17” related to the sphere of affections and a couple’s relationship..


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