Matteo Curallo

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Matteo Curallo is an eclectic composer, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist who enjoys trying out different musical genres. As a songwriter, he has written songs for major artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Marianne Mirage, Levante, Luca Morino, Roberta Carrieri and Elisa Casile. His works include music for theatre plays (“Il Deserto dei Tartari”, “Polvere”, “Il Piccolo Principe”, “La Gabbianella e il Gatto”), as well as sound design and musical pieces for films (e.g. “Evil Things”). He has worked on docufilms produced by Sky Cinema and Sky Arte. His works for television shows include the music pieces in “Pericolo Verticale” and in “Under”, an innovative web series by Ivan Silvestrini (released in June 2014), which was judged the best soundtrack at the Roma Web Fest in 2015. Matteo is also deeply involved in the world of advertising and has composed music for a number of ads including Heineken (in 2015 he composed a piece for Mini Heineken, which became popular worldwide), Natuzzi and Italotreno (in this he created a totally new arrangement for “Azzurro”, a song by Adriano Celentano).



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