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Speranza (the stage name of Ugo Scicolone) is a French-Italian rapper. Born in 1986 to a French mother and Italian father, he was born and raised in France before moving to Caserta (Italy). The lyrics of his rap songs are in Neapolitan, French, Italian and Roma. He started with French rap before dedicating his time to a side project (“Ugo de la Napoli”), which was influenced by Rumanian and Spanish Roma music. When he turned to the Speranza project, he debuted with the video of the “Sparalo!” single, released in June 2017. The piece was later remixed by Crookers. He released the “Chiavt a Mammt” single and “Spall a Sott” on YouTube (divided into three parts). They were followed by other singles, “Givova”, “Pagnale”, “Sirene” and the latest single, “Manfredi”.

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