Tony Canto

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Tony Canto is a Sicilian songwriter, composer, singer-songwriter, producer, arranger and guitarist. He has written songs for Nina Zilli, Mannarino, Patrizia Laquidara, Musica Nuda and Pilar. As a singer-songwriter, he has released four albums. As music arranger and producer, he worked on albums by Mannarino, Mario Venuti, Patrizia Laquidara and Pilar. His portfolio includes working with Zucchero on a pre-production. He was involved in the sound tracks of films by Paolo Buonvino, “La Vita Come Viene”, “Manuale D’Amore” and “La Matassa”. He composed the soundtracks of “La Prova” by Ninni Bruschetta and “Le Maniglie Dell’Amore” by A. Tamburini. His song “Ti amo Italia” was chosen as the main song of the film “Benur” by Massimo Andrei (music by Nicola Piovani) and won the Mario Camerini prize as best movie song 2013.


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