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Tutti Fenomeni (Giorgio Quarzo Guarascio, 1996) is a young singer-songwriter on the Sugar Music Publishing roster. He has earned a prominent position in the Italian music scene thanks to his ironic vein and passion for the absurd, which have made him a landmark in new pop. His innate elegance is accompanied by sophisticated musical research, which manifests itself in both lyrics and melodies and by a wide range of cultural and musical references, ranging from singer-songwriters like Franco Battiato to great classical composers like Mozart, passing through cult directors like Kubrick and pop-culture icons like Diabolik. These elements are skillfully blended in his lyrics, music, and videos, resulting in a contaminated and compelling project. Born in Rome, Tutti Fenomeni began his musical career collaborating with Tauro Boys and producer Close Listen. Since 2018 he has been collaborating with composer and producer Niccolò Contessa (I Cani), with whom he has best expressed his unique and unmistakable personality in albums such as “Merce Funebre” (2020) and “Privilegio Raro” (2022). He also released the unofficial mixtapes “Radio Guarascio Volume 1” and “Radio Guarascio Volume 2,” in which he rewrote some of his favorite songs in an ironic and satirical key. Tutti Fenomeni represents one of the most original and creative voices on the Italian music scene, with a fresh and revolutionary approach that is attracting an increasingly large, loyal, and passionate fanbase.

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