Willie Peyote

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Willie Peyote, the pseudonym of Guglielmo Bruno (Turin, 28th August 1985), is an Italian rapper and singer-songwriter. The musical sounds in his first solo album, “Il manuale del giovane nichilista”, go well beyond what is found in classic hip-hop. “Non è il mio genere, il genere umano” was released two years later in 2013 and was followed in 2015 by “Educazione Sabauda”, which launched him to stardom.  According to Willie, “Sindrome di Tôret” (released in 2017) is the ideal union of his two musical instincts, rock and hip-hop. Subsonica’s “8” album, released in 2018, contains a collaboration with Willie Peyote, who sings the “L’incubo” track (released as a single in March 2019). The rapper took part in the band’s winter tour, performing with them on the stage of the 2019 May day concert in Rome. His fifth studio album, “Iodegradabile”, was released on 25th October 2019.

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