An important publishing deal has been signed between SUGAR MUSIC PUBLISHING and WARP PUBLISHING, two prestigious independent companies with an iconic and internationally known history.  


SUGAR MUSIC PUBLISHING will be representing the entire WARP PUBLISHING catalogue in Italy; the two companies will be working together to develop creative and commercial opportunities, managing the astounding and constant changes happening in the music publishing business.  


Here at SUGAR MUSIC we’re very proud of this partnership. WARP PUBLISHING represents one of the most important and renowned catalogues in the English music publishing landscape. Their creative vision and entrepreneurship perfectly match Sugar’s. We are very excited to work together” said Filippo Sugar, CEO of SUGAR.  


WARP PUBLISHING is thrilled to have found such a great partner in Italy. As a leading independent publisher, SUGAR MUSIC has built an iconic catalogue and share our commitment to bringing unique creative opportunities for the artists we represent. We are delighted to be working with Filippo and his brilliant team.” said Theo Seffusatti, General Manager of WARP PUBLISHING. 


WARP PUBLISHING is a leading independent music publisher with offices in London and Los Angeles, with 30 years of experience in delivering creative opportunities from landmark synch deals and film scores to songwriting and collaborations. WARP PUBLISHING’s diverse roster of artists, score composers and hit songwriters includes Battles, Boards of Canada, Oneohtrix Point Never and Danny Brown alongside Lorenzo Senni, Clap! Clap! and Caterina Barbieri.  


Since 1932, SUGAR MUSIC PUBLISHING has played an important role in developing and shaping the Italian music culture. Its quest for originality and uniqueness is embodied in all the different genres that comprise its catalogue: from iconic film soundtracks to pop music, by way of classical and contemporary music, all tied together by a strong Italian core. 


An International reality that brings the Italian culture abroad, Sugar’s commitment is to work hard every day to promote Italian talents and music globally through its artists, catalogue and soundtracks. 



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