Now available “MADAME” the self-titled debut album by Madame, the newest revelation of Italian urban songwriting.


“malifesto” is the sixth album by Malika Ayane, out March 26th.


Two classic titles from the Mondo Movie strand are out now on CAM Sugar: “I Malamondo – Morricone Segreto No. 2” by Ennio Morricone and “Mondo Cane” by Riz Ortolani & Nino Oliviero. Order them now!


The latest series by Martin Scorsese “Pretend It’s a City” starring Fran Lebowitz features six CAM Sugar pieces by Nino Rota, in 12 moments throughout all 7 episodes. Now available on Netflix!

About us

Sugar has been contributing to the growth and definition of a musical culture in Italy since 1932. Its search for originality and uniqueness is expressed in musical pieces that differ considerably from one another, ranging from soundtracks to pop music and including classical and modern music, all deeply rooted in a strong Italian matrix.

As an international company that speaks Italian in Italy and abroad, Sugar is committed to making the world aware of talented Italian artists – and we promote their talent with love and dedication every day.

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