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Colapesce (Lorenzo Urciullo, 1983) and Dimartino (Antonio Di Martino, 1982) are two singer-songwriters, composers, and multi-instrumentalists on the Sugar Music Publishing roster. Born in Sicily, they formed the duo Colapesce Dimartino in 2020 after working on their own individual projects for several years. Their first album together is “I Mortali” (2020), preceded by a short film with the same name. In their music, irony is mixed with elegance, and the typical structure of Italian songwriting is revisited in a pop key. In 2021, they participated in the Sanremo Festival with the song “Musica Leggerissima” which won the Pressroom Critics’ Prize named after Lucio Dalla. It was a huge commercial success, becoming one of the hits of the year and earning seven platinum records, which pushed Colapesce Dimartino into the mainstream of Italian music. The song also found great success in Spain thanks to the Spanish adaptation “Mùsica Ligera,” performed by Ana Mena, already multiplatinum. In 2023, the duo returned to the Sanremo Festival, winning both critics’ awards with the song “Splash.” The song anticipated the release of their first film entitled “La primavera della mia vita,” directed by Zavvo Nicolosi and co-produced by Sugar Play. Besides being the composers of the soundtrack produced by CAM Sugar, Colapesce and Dimartino are the protagonists and screenwriters of the film.

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