Emilio Munda

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Producer, composer and author, Emilio Munda was born in 1982 from a family of musicians and he starts playing the drum at only 4 years old. He becomes multi-instrumentalist, playing the piano, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums and singing too.

His compositions have been interpreted by various artists on the Italian scene, winning gold and platinum records. He won the podium twice at the Sanremo Festival as author and composer.

He composed music and lyrics for per Il Volo, Umberto Tozzi, Francesco Renga, Nina Zilli, I Nomadi, Michele Bravi, Paolo Meneguzzi, Silvia Mezzanotte, Dear Jack, Gemelli Diversi, Valerio Scanu and many others from italian “The voice”, “Amici” and “Xfactor”.


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