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Paolo Caruccio, aka Fractae, is an Italian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He joined the Sugar Music Publishing roster after winning the first edition of the “Follow The Wave” contest, organized by Sugar in 2020.

Fractae’s project has its roots both in indie culture and in the Italian tradition of pop music: from Battisti and Tenco, to rough guitars and space synths from overseas. After a ten-year study (from 2004 to 2014) between the Music Training Center of Turin and the Music Academy of Modena, he began his work as an author and producer in his studio “Turbopop” in Turin.

The indie pop project Fractae was officially born in 2016: “Cartina Corta” (2016), “Spleen Tropicale” (2017), written with Bea Zanin and launched with a performance at Turin Fashion Week; he publishied “Turin is a drug” (2018), “Fiat Punto“ (2018), “Autovelox” (2019) and “Wasabi” (2020) with the Turin label RKH.

2020 marks his entry into Neverending Mina, with which he publishes “Malinconia Delivery” (2020), followed by “Paolo Fox” in 2021.

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