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Claudia Guaglione, aka Galea, born in 2000, from Puglia. She has been writing poems, short stories and little songs since she was a child. At 15 she learns to play the guitar by herself and begins to compose the lyrics and music of her first real songs. She also plays the ukulele and the piano. In 2017 she participated in the musical talent X Factor, ranking among the top 12 “Under Donna” competitors. In May 2019 she performed in the first edition of Tedx in Barletta, with the theme “Earth”. In the same year she won the Songwriting Camp promoted by Sony Atv / Puglia Sounds and released her first single, “Diverso”, a song that is placed in an atmosphere with a summer flavor reminiscent of the Italian 70s. In November, her second single, “Te”, is released, a song with an indie folk imprint that talks about promises, new beginnings and hopes for change. The song selected for Sanremo Giovani is called “I nostri 20” and it’s produced by Antonio Filippelli.

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