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Lucio Corsi is a Tuscan singer-songwriter who was born in Val di Campo di Vetulonia in 1993. From the beginning he mixes singer-songwriting, folk pop and extremely diverse musical sounds. In 2015 he released “Altalena Boy/Vetulonia Dakar,” a union of his first two EPs, which shared a glam style and sometimes surreal lyrics. In 2017 he releases his second album “Bestiario Musicale,” which takes the form of a fairy tale-themed concept album and which leads him, later that year, to open concerts by Brunori Sas and Baustelle. In 2020 Lucio Corsi released his album “Cosa faremo da grandi?” produced by Francesco Bianconi and Antonio Cupertino, which was accompanied by the visionary works of director Tommaso Ottomano. Also with Ottomano, Lucio debuts in 2023 with his latest record project “La Gente Che Sogna”, a manifesto album of Lucio’s intimate world of deep details. Lucio is the artist who manages to make art rock and folk sounds harmonious together, turning his surreal world into poetry and tying a sometimes grotesque world to a musically rich structure.


La gente che sogna

Mi scorderei gli errori del passato
E nessuno canterebbe più di lei
Dentro la radio

Dentro la radio”



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