Marco Azara

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Marco Azara is an Italian guitarist, composer and arranger born in 1988, originally from Olbia and a member of Lebonski360, the creative factory founded by Salmo in 2020.

Among the most requested by the Italian music scene today, he is a musician influenced by the blues, soul and rock scene. He usually applies the finger-picking technique also on the electric guitar. He is particularly known for accompanying Salmo both on stages and in the studio (the iconic 1984 guitars and Il Cielo Nella Stanza are his). Marco has collaborated on many of the most explosive hits of the Italian scene, signed by names such as Sfera Ebbasta, Coez, Lazza, Nitro, Johnny Marsiglia, Ensi, Inoki, Anastasio.

Its entry into the Sugarmusic Publishing roster was officially announced in 2021, along with all the other members of the Lebonski360 team.

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