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Sophie Ottone, known as soap in the art world, was born in Rome in 2005 but grew up in Latina. Her relationship with music began at a young age, and over time she started writing her first lyrics, aiming to convey to listeners all the melancholy she holds within, but also a sense of rebirth. Sophie became soap on September 15, 2022, the day her first independent single was released, representing a manifesto of an aesthetic and sound perfectly in tune with Generation Z. soap is a unique presence in the Italian scene, capable of blending Italian and French in her songs, capturing nuances otherwise unreachable with the latter. Raised in two different cultures, between Italy and French-speaking Algeria, soap has the ability to interchange the two languages, adding value to her music that, with innate naturalness, always carries an international flavor. All of this is combined with the freshness of being in her twenties, but also with the restlessness of first adolescent loves and the initial disappointments they bring.
“parole violente” is her latest single, out everywhere since March 22nd.


ma lo so già
mi illuderai
sembrerà tutto meglio di sempre
un giardino di rose e violette


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