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Gabriele Centurione, aka Tripolare, is a young singer-songwriter, musician and producer born in Naples in 2002. He discovered the world of classical music at only 4 years old, when he began playing the cello inducted by his musician father. As a teenager he also immersed himself in the world of music production, leading him at only 16 to make music his main form of expression: Tripolare writes, composes and produces his own songs. “Coccinelle nere” and “Il mio cane” are the first singles released for Sugar, followed by the publications from the EP “PANORAMA20,” the first step into the world of an artist who makes versatility his stylistic hallmark: constantly evolving, voracious and instinctive, Tripolare is constantly searching for the sound representative of his every change, fitting perfectly into the urban world of his generation.



“Non è questione di quartiere se alla tua ragazza
Piace l’uomo con i capelli lunghi, lunghissimi
E a te piacciono le lame”

– Lame e collane –

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