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Vale LP, pseudonym of Valentina Sanseverino (Naples, 1999) is an Italian singer-songwriter and rapper. Mixing rawness and poetry with a unique attitude, Vale LP is one of the most interesting figures of the new wave of Italian pop, with an irreverent and direct personality. She combines hip hop and singer-songwriter elements in her sound, with strong references to popular culture and influences ranging from soul, R&B, and funk. Her songwriting is intense and open, embracing diversity and freedom of form in an alternative and honest narrative approach, creating a dimension that dialogues with the private.
Vale LP began her musical journey in 2018 by posting demos on Soundcloud. She later participated in the 2021 season of the “X Factor” program, where she entered the live stages and released her unreleased song “Cheri.” In June 2023 she releases her first EP “e sono felice”, a collection of six tracks where she recounts the various stages of her journey to discover herself and her artistic identity.
In October 2023 Vale LP joined the Sugar Music roster and she performed her first single “Stronza” at the Sanremo Giovani final.


“Anche se è duraDai capelli, dagli occhi ti guardo, ora sono sicuraForse abbiamo il destino segnato, nn’c’azzecca ‘a fortunaMa stanotte non scappo, rimango abbracciata con te”



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