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Giacomo Mazzucato, also known as Yakamoto Kotzuga, is a musician, composer, producer and sound designer featuring on the Sugar Music Publishing roster. He appears among the top 10 most listened to under 35 Italian songwriters in the world for 2022 (Italia Music Export). Trained at the Venice Conservatory , he has always been active in the Italian and international electronic live scene, and in recent years he has expanded his activities as a producer, becoming also a renowned composer of soundtracks for films and TV series. In the recording field, he has collaborated with several Italian artists including Mecna, Niccolò Fabi, Erio, Galea, Iosonouncane, Anastasio, and Dardust. In the field of cinema, his compositions have enriched numerous successful films and TV series such as “Baby” (distributed by Netflix in more than 170 countries), “Tutte le mie notti” (Manfredi Lucibello, 2018), “Sulla stessa onda” (Massimiliano Camaiti, 2021), “Zero” (Netflix, 2021), “La Mala – Banditi a Milano” (Sky, 2022) and “Primadonna” (Marta Savina, 2022). In parallel, Yakamoto pursues the personal project that saw him produce and release the albums “Usually nowhere” (2015) and “Slowly Fading” (2018).


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